Personal Empowerment

April 5, 2019

Hi Everyone!

The theme in the air this month is quite exciting: personal empowerment. Because believing in yourself is the best thing you can do.

That is the culture of The DOC: believing in your voice and vision. And sharing it freely with those around you.

It’s been on my mind that the source of our personal power is intuition. Or at least the two go hand-in-hand. When we believe in ourselves, we have the confidence to carry out our inner wisdom in a healthy and self-supportive manner.

It made headline news this weekend that Beyoncé walked out of a Reebok meeting because the design team didn’t represent her voice and background.

This is the fire of intuition! Trusting yourself to speak up in darkness. Because your inner GPS of truth is lighting the way to authenticity, honesty, and empowerment.

Feminine expression is intuition. And I don’t mean that only women have intuition. Far from it. We all do. Even plants. Intuition is simply the softer knowing. The darker, unseen yin energy. It is always there, quietly guiding you along your path by tossing unexpected flashes of inspiration towards your own truth. Intuition is the voice inside your head that softly whispers the way, even when it might be terrifying or go against what your ego deems as safe and expected.

We are in such a beautiful and interesting time. It is incredible to see the rise of intuition correlated with the rise of equality. As more and more people speak up for themselves, our world is being hit by a tidal wave of change.

I think we all know by now that society structures around us are rapidly shifting. We are leaving behind an era of rigid hierarchy and patriarchy. While we still have a long way to go in gender, racial, and sexual equality, it is amazing to see that the more we speak our truth and support each other, the faster we are seeing change around us.

A lot of our societal change has to do with technology. As we have access to more information and more platforms to share our voices, the more selective as consumers and participants we become. As intuition leads us to speak more freely, and technology allows us to see how other people are sharing their true selves, we have more inspiration and role models to follow.

Unfortunately, this previous era of strict power dynamics has come at a price: silence. It has truly been dark filled with grave injustice. And as we begin to speak our truth and trust our intuition, we have had to slowly wake up to this sad and difficult reality. And collectively grieve. The energy has been quite heavy for the last year and even millenniums because we are grieving a previous era’s collective silence and gross inequality.

To ignore intuition comes at a great price. If we turn a blind eye or refuse to admit something, our powerhouse is broken. Our intuition cannot lead us to where we need to go. We begin to avoid the truth. And the foundation inevitably crumbles. This can be apparent on a personal level. If you are ever unfortunately abused or find yourself in a toxic environment for any reason, this pain can break our sense of personal empowerment. And on a macro level: if there is toxic behavior in a culture, we as a group will not be able to freely express ourselves. And today we are facing the payment of these debts: grieving to release collective pain and suffering.

We are all connected. Someone else’s pain can be felt by another. And we can unknowingly adopt poor behavior in a toxic environment. But luckily, the opposite is also true and even more powerful. Love, support, and honesty is contagious. As you listen to and support someone’s voice next to you, the effects catch like rapid fire. The group rapidly heals and grows in strength.

And my, oh my, having spent the last three months on the road playing The Deck of Character, a game of intuition, my optimism is turbo charged. I see how much stronger and more comfortable people of all backgrounds are becoming in exercising their intuition. And speaking their authentic truths fearlessly in a group together. What is more powerful? 

The DOC is a game that sparks honest, free conversation. And encourages people to walk through the world in tune with their gut instincts. Admitting the truth, no matter how painful, is nothing to be feared. It frees all involved. We have to recognize darkness to admit what is failing our deeper needs. It feels backwards, but challenge is often the key to self-realization. It is the portal to the kingdom, to all true abundance and peace of mind. 

Complacency is an unfortunate facade. Dare to ask the hard questions. Put yourself and others in the pressure-cooker of truth. It will ignite your personal power and lead you out of any darkness.

For April, the light is growing on the horizon. Can you feel the air becoming clearer? Keep moving forward on your journey. Radiate. Hack away at your goals. As the “old ways,” including false senses of self and society continue to peel away, it will become even more clear that intuition is our greatest ally, leading us through any uncertainty. 

Trust yourself. Trust your voice and vision. You were born an authentic being with perfect dreams and aspirations. The world needs what you have to offer.

Always follow your instincts. Intuition will never steer you wrong.



Mama of The DOC


Cheers and Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018

It has been simultaneously the most humbling and empowering experience to start a business. Manufacturing the decks, building the website, traveling to Berlin and San Francisco, playing with hundreds of strangers... my life this year has felt like hacking through an unchartered wilderness. I do not know where this path is leading, but I am committed to stepping with integrity, carrying The DOC with me as I go.

I truly love the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I get to wake up everyday and grow as a person alongside The DOC. It certainly isn't easy. There are endless creative decisions that need to be constantly reconciled. I've had to get comfortable making a million mistakes daily. But I've never been so happy inside. I don't think I've ever cried, laughed, spoken openly, and sat peacefully so much in one year. It feels like I'm truly alive.

I have been blown away by everyone: friends, family, and new heartfelt fans who have unwaveringly supported this idea. Thank you for your daily messages asking what your cards mean. Your Instagram stories reporting your cards. And your thoughtful feedback that has improved the business far beyond what I could do alone. Your generosity is overwhelming.  

And thank you for bringing The DOC into your homes to share with the people you care about. You are the essence of The DOC: that love and communication truly connects the world. It is amazing to see more and more countries light up on the website's analytics. And it is because of you that this project is here. I hope to make The DOC's community, culture, and product the best it can be for you.

Enjoy your holidays with those you love. Oracles are a beautiful way to connect with yourself and those around you during this thoughtful time of year.

Most sincerely,
Mama of The DOC


Introducing The Master

November 20, 2018

The new DOC card is wonderful. And it gets pulled often because it’s a message that people need to hear. To be a master is to pursue the things you truly love to do. And despite all challenges that come your way, find how to rest easy throughout the journey. You know what’s up. All you need to do is be the strongest you.


RIP Mr. Slug

November 19, 2018

It’s a decision that has already broken many hearts, but Mr. Slug is officially out of production. Less that 500 of him exist around the world. You can find him in The DOC Unmarked Edition, which is now off the market.

Launched in Berlin in May 2018, the Unmarked Edition decks are quite a solid punk rock statement. Mr. Slug has certainly been a common card and crowd favorite. He is a legend. And a badass. Pour one out for the man.


First Edition Out Now

November 18, 2018

Hooray! The special day has arrived. Introducing The First Edition of The DOC. And there’s a new card! Master. It is a very empowering addition, and people are already pulling it left and right. It’s a keeper for sure. Hell yeah.

The new decks are made in The USA and are high quality, luminous beauties. Couldn’t be prouder of the new babies. Now live in the Web Shop.