Hannah, Mama of The DOC, can tailor the game to fit any experience, location, or timeframe. She has played The DOC at bars, music festivals, theaters, mental health symposiums, art galleries, yoga studios… even the back of an airplane.

Feel free to contact her directly with any inquiries and pricing:


Hannah loves to share her story of creating The DOC as a solo female entrepreneur with audiences. She recently gave her first hour-long lecture, Let’s Talk About a Woman Traveling Alone, at Special Special Gallery in New York.


Hannah has done pop-ups at galleries and comedy theaters. Each experience is different: she builds installations or invites scholars and artists onstage to play with her. All meant to create an uplifting environment to spark authentic dialogue and creativity.


Intuition is a powerful system of intelligence that all people must know! Invite Hannah to teach a workshop in your space on intuition, healing, the creative process, spiritual journeys, designing creative objects, and/or the art and importance of communication.


Like a surrealist performance art piece, invite The DOC to liven up your cafe, bar, office, or house party. Hannah loves casually teaching The DOC to all groups of people. It is sure to bring surprise, laughter, intrigue, and bit of shock value.


Depending on the time-table of your event, ticket sales, and whether you wish to also wholesale decks, the pricing varies. Please don’t be shy to pitch your idea to Hannah anytime.