Build Formations

A guide to laying out your cards. Once you get comfortable, feel free to follow your intuition to create your own road maps.

*Click on any diagram for more info on how to play.


The Basic Row is the foundation to all of The DOC. You can never go wrong with this rock solid building block.

Pulling an extra backup card is a popular variation on The Basic Row. It often brings a great deal of clarity to the original row.

The Basic Grid is the no fail go-to when you have a ton of questions, and need to just clear the mind.


The Crossroads is great for deep reflection. Ask a question like “Where am I?”, “Who am I?”, or the classic “What do I need to know now?”

The Cycle is great during changes in life, like new seasons or lunar cycles. Life is cyclic, and we are evolving alongside these rhythms.

The Jury is quite a unique formation and very imaginative. Pull a group of Characters, and imagine what advice they have for you.


One of the best ways to play The DOC. No need to ask a question, just take a quick shot to your soul.

Inspired by one of The DOC’s favorite writers, Florence Scovel Shinn. Use it to arrive at the perfectly balanced square of your life.


This formation can be played a bit differently. Instead of asking a question, say “I am whole.” See what symbols arrive to support you.