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I love giving private readings with The DOC. I’ve played thousands of rounds of the deck across the US and Europe.

My readings can be great if you are dealing with difficult life experiences, looking to expand upon your creativity, or wanting to bring more love, joy, beauty, truth and abundance into your life.

My card reading style is ultra positive and supportive. I make sure to communicate the honest metaphysics behind situations you may be facing, so that you leave the reading with a sense of truth and reality as well as a deep sense of personal empowerment.

Most report feeling “lighter” and “freed from worry and baggage” upon leaving a session. I strive to “open you up” to your truth, your voice, and your authenticity.

I am skilled at communicating messages from your higher self. And pinpointing what calls to you beyond fear and self-limiting beliefs.



Mama of The DOC


“I have tears in my eyes. Thank you. I knew someone was going to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. This is it. I love your sessions. They’re a beautiful thing to share.”

-K in New York

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