The DOC Channeling Workshop 

October 1-31st, 2019

$50, Sign-up and purchase in our Shop

Late entries accepted through October 15th.

Stay tuned for another round in November!

I am thrilled to launch The DOC’s first-ever digital workshop series in one of my favorite topics: Channeling.

Channeling is simply a way of thinking beyond Ego, beyond our mind’s fears, limitations, and doubts. It is connecting with your higher self, authenticity, creative power, and inner wisdom.

As many of you may know, The Deck of Character is a channeled object. It’s wild what miraculous creative works can unfold when you simply get out of your own way.

I have been channeling regularly since 2015, and what is amazing is how much more productive and trusting I’ve become by holding regular space for myself in this way. At the time, I was far from living a daily life that was honest to myself, and channeling really re-directed me straight to my authenticity. There is a lot to learn in this arena, but I have found that just like playing The DOC, channeling becomes a beautiful radar of truth, guiding you like a GPS along your authentic path. I have discovered many wonderful things about myself in the process… like how I truly enjoy spending my time and how to connect more authentically with the world around me.

About the workshop:

In this exciting workshop series, we will discuss the ins-and-outs to channeling. What causes us to be too scared to listen to our voice. Why sometimes we aren’t ready to take action on our intuitive insights. And how to feel confident to carry out the dreams we have always wanted to create.

THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to learn how to tap into your intuition, explore your authentic creativity, receive support in developing soul projects, and join a positive community that encourages inner growth.

The Channeling Workshop Includes:

  • Three videos/week on various topics like: following your intuition, listening to the body, holding space for yourself, embracing creativity, etc.

  • 4 Weekly Zoom Conference Calls to answer attendee’s questions, discuss topics

    Call Dates: Wednesday October 9th & 16th 7-8PM EST, Sunday October 20th, 4-5PM EST, Wednesday October 30th, 7-8PM

    *All calls will be recorded to watch later if you cannot attend.

  • 4 x 30-min one-on-one video chats with Hannah

  • A private Facebook Forum to share updates and feel supported by a positive community.

  • Suggested readings

Sign-up and purchase in our Shop.

See you soon!



Mama of The DOC

*You do not need to own a copy of The DOC to attend the workshop, although it is a great tool to channel & connect with your inner wisdom.