The DOC is an oracle card game connecting people worldwide.

The Deck of Character is a new kind of card game. There technically are no rules, no winner. It is about connecting with yourself and those around you. Our mission is to teach all people that your insights matter.

The DOC functions like a traditional oracle where you ask a question and use the system to guide you to the answer. But its disarmingly straightforward and humorous universe of Characters, Tools, and Places keeps the game exceptionally fresh, empowering, and contagious. It is wonderfully of the 21st century.


Meet the Creator

The idea for The DOC came to me out of the blue one night as I was working on a gallery show of my drawings. I scribbled a quick prototype on the back of index cards in an hour.

It honestly took a tremendous amount of courage to share the game with even close friends at first. And to my constant surprise, more and more people enjoyed playing it.

A year and a half after drawing the prototype, I was invited to share The DOC publicly at a mental health for the arts symposium in Berlin. It was the perfect catalyst to self-publish the deck.

Now, I’ve played thousands of rounds with people across The US and Europe. And fans have brought their decks to South America and Asia. It has been the wildest gift to hear people’s stories and jaw-dropping insights.

Thank you to my friends, family, and supporters. It is because of you that the game exists. Thank you for your daily messages asking about your cards. For your thoughtful feedback that has turned this project into something far greater than I could have made on my own. And most of all, thank you for bringing the game into your homes to share with the people you care about. You are the essence of The DOC: that love and communication connect the world.

Much love always,


Mama of The DOC


Podcasts and Interviews

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The Witching Hour, July 2019

Hannah sits down with Jen and Reina for their inaugural episode of The Witching Hour. A very thoughtful interview where they discuss The DOC’s full design and why it is relevant to today.

The Witching Hour Episode 1: Hannah and The Deck of Character; 41 min

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts here.

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Bindlism, August 2019

Hannah speaks about her early days, media influences, and future goals with The DOC via Bindlism, a podcast on up-and-coming entrepreneurship: