How To Play


Hannah, creator of The DOC, introduces you to the deck and how to play.


The Steps Illustrated


You can play The DOC alone or with friends.


You can play with the deck separated into its three categories: Characters, Tools, and Places. Or stacked all together and shuffled.


Ask a question. See The Art of The Question for ideas on what to ask.


Shuffle through the deck or its separated piles, and select cards as you see fit. See Build Formations for ideas.

The best place to start: Separate your deck into its 3 categories, and select one card from each pile.


Flip your selected cards over. Look at them. Think about them. Write about them. Talk about them with friends.

If you ever get stuck on a meaning behind a card, check out suggestions at The Card Meaning Library.

When playing in a group: It’s best for the person who asked the question and pulled cards to speak first. Then anyone else in the group can chime in on what they see. It’s a beautiful practice!

Another fun way to play in a group: have everyone write their responses down first. Then go around and share.

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Let go, breath, repeat.

If the first round brings up more questions, keep going. If playing with a group, pass the deck around.

Or take a pic of your cards, and look back later. Go for a walk. You may find that the meaning of your selection grows over time in the most beautifully unexpected ways.


The DOC can be a beautiful part of your day. Try asking “What do I need to know now?” regularly. You may find that you pull the same cards over a period of time. Reflecting on them can help you move through new chapters and understanding.