Angsty Teen

The part of creative process/self-expression where you must ACT OUT, volatility, uncontrollable emotion, adolescence, maturity, standing up for yourself, not having the best tools to do so, repression, battle, sexuality, raging hormones, reconciling authority, confusion, punk rock, growing into yourself, finding your way, shifting your prospective, crossing from one phase of life into another, living in the past.

Baby Angel

Liberation, sweetness, angel-like, lightness, innocence, purity, Cupids, youth, sneaky, hovering above, birds-eye-view, watchful, guardians, intuition, MIRACLE, gift to the world.


Shadow self, FEAR, inner or outer struggle, turmoil, darkness, facing difficulties, low vibrations, oppression, tragedy, trauma, a call to face something threatening, the ego.


Faith, inner peace, honor, loyalty, a call to consider what is best for you to WORSHIP, ritual, daily-life practices, TOGETHERNESS, whole, unity.


SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT, inner-strength, fiery, anger, rage, battle, threat, cold-blooded, HERO, uprising, fight, call to action, (do or don’t) tame the beast.

Drunken Sailor

OVERCOME BY EMOTION/TIDES OF LIFE, LEAN ON YOUR FRIENDS, permission to let loose, let out what you have been holding in, stop holding yourself back, sensitive, victim of circumstances, getting tossed around, roughhousing, flailing, passiveness, addiction, nature getting the best of you, helplessness, overwhelmed, tragic behavior, the part of the self that gets knocked around for better or worse.


WORK, magic, getting things done, help, socializing, many lovers, HELP, love, friendship, gang, labor, cleaning and organizing, army.


PURSUIT, endeavors, creativity, isolation, the solitary road of attaining goals, discovering new terrain, making your mark, finding your way, visionary, charting the way, early steps in the creative process.


MAGIC, guiding light, lightness, feminine love, belief in the unseen, special, small, private, cozy, connection with the heart.


LABOR, job, duty, responsibility, sowing seeds, patience, peace, humanity, connection to land, carrying out your role in life, doing the work, all the steps to the natural creative process: working the land, planting seeds, waiting for growth, harvesting the product, understanding time.


SPIRIT, FACE YOUR FEARS, CONFRONT THINGS, haunted by what isn’t present, the past, what is chasing you, rising above, the supernatural, transparency, lightness, obscurity, fear, concerns, scary things, fleeting things, leave the past in the past, take a look at what is no longer relevant, open to what is greater, FINAL RECONCILIATION.

Grim Reaper

DEATH OF THE EGO, A CALL TO FACE THE VOID, CLOSING OF A LIFE CHAPTER, face what is greater than yourself, inner darkness, pain, let go, new beginnings, blindness, reveal what is hiding, your biggest fears, scarcity, rupture, a PIVOTAL TIME in the creative process to let go of what no longer serves you, a signifier of COMPLETION, end to the old: old chapters and ways, mourning, grief.


COURAGE, strength, rising to your fullest self, falling in love, knowing your destiny, attainment, virtues, dreams, ambitions, fantasy, unrealistic expectation.

Love Goddess

DIVINE FEMININE, LOVE, JOY, womanhood, being a loving force in the world, blossoming, kiss, self-acceptance, self-love, peace in body, imagination, creativity, positivity, encouragement, support.

Majestic Whale

EPIC JOURNEY, VERY SPECIAL, SELF-CONTENT, stunning manifestation, floating along, buoyancy, ancient, wise, hard to move, big, smiling, master of the kingdom, a gift of the earth, treasure, hardly seen, popping up, BIG SURPRISE, SAVIOR.


(Introduced in The DOC First Edition, November 2018)

YOU ARE YOUR OWN MASTER, stillness is mastery, holding power inside, badass, all-knowing, no need to dominate, “Do you want to be right or at peace?”, letting go, zen, ultimate truth, no need to overcome anything, EXPERT


NURTURING, self-care, all giver, maker, creation, teacher, the familiar, unconditional, the opposite, influence, life cycle, a call to consider what you are caring for, growth, responsibility, motherhood, parents, family history, ancestry, children.

Mr. Slug

(Only in The DOC Unmarked Edition, 300 Copies, May 2018)

SLOW-MOVING, STUBBORN, SPINELESS, ONE STEP AT A TIME, patience, badass, honest, bloated, the notion that you can't be anything but yourself, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, slimy, sadness, depressed, aversion to sun and salt or other toxins, killer mustache.

Naked Man

VULNERABILITY, HUMBLE, independence, exposing of self, honest, real, as you are, confident, proud, content, happy, freewill, human, core self, basic, paired down, fun, whimsy, carefree, shameless, birthday suit.


CREATIVE, AUTHENTIC SELF, LOVE, passion, self-expression, sharing self, literary influences, channeled wisdom, inspiration, high-self, romance, soul-purpose.


HANDY, READY TO SHOW UP, A CALL TO DEVELOP NEW SKILLS, use your tools, go-getter attitude, working out a problem, thrifty, multi-lateral thinking, fix it, empathetic, working with what you have, resourceful.


The Self

YOURSELF, your best self, your most honest self, your most grounded self, your most noble self, truth, peace, calm, quiet, self-reflection, introspection, deep, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, the soul's truest expression.


YOU ARE LETTING THE BETTER PART OF YOURSELF GET AWAY, WATCH WHAT YOU MIGHT BE GIVING UP YOUR POWER TO, A CALL TO EXAMINE, letting things get the best of you, the things that are inescapable, notion of “its time to beat the boss,” face yourself instead of running away, a call to conquer your deepest fears, concealment, imbalance, betrayal, reconciling bad karma, what goes around comes around, low vibrations, your worst self, insecurity, greed, shift in power dynamics, desperation, taking what you need for yourself out of drastic necessity, lack and limitation, not trusting yourself or the world around you, take it and run, WORRY, INSTABILITY, RUSHING INTO THINGS.


MIRACLES, MAGIC, YOUR BEST SELF, the journey of self-discovery, creative expression, faith, success, good fortune, believing in what doesn't meet the eye, humor, joy, grace, special, rare, colorful, full spectrum, manifestation, power, excitement, whatever you hope for will come true (eventually).


SOMETHING NEW COMING INTO YOUR LIFE, INTEGRITY, PROTECTOR, a call to be cared for, black and white, morality, omnipresence, high alert, empowerment, standing strong, inner strength, on the look out, waiting, dutiful, fear, move forward with caution, specificity, a true friend, courage, discernment, BOUNDARIES.


AUTHENTICITY, PURE SELF-EXPRESSION, SELF-DISCOVERY, OUTSIDER, WE ARE ALL WEIRDOS, finding your true self, freaky, isolated, insecure, different, the awkward part of expressing your true nature, self-pride, flying your freak flag, the inner artist, unique, rare, walking to the beat of your own drum, confirmation that any strange creative impulse you have is enough, the uncovered best self, ruled by the planet Uranus.

Wild Woman

FREE, FOLLOWING YOUR PATH, STRENGTH, tumultuous, passionate, intuitive, letting go, letting loose, tear things up, barbaric, animalistic, shameless, the unapologetic woman, SET YOUR BOUNDARIES, divine feminine, embodying yourself, ACTING OUT FOR THE GREATER GOOD, pure self-expression, mastery, feminine cycles, anger, rage, standing up for yourself, beautiful, pure, deep, true.



INNER POWER, MASTERMIND, inner strength, standing in your truth, wisdom, old age, old soul, all seeing, calculated, strong, special, harnessing the universe, working with your hands, commanding things, standing in your strength, self-acceptance, taking control.