VENTURING TO NEW PLACES, in transit, taking flight, movement, Point A to Point B, travel, fleeing, trying new things, vacation, manhood, THE SCARY PART OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS WHERE YOU ARE TRYING THINGS YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED BEFORE.


REST, putting things to rest, exploring sensuality, life-balance, getting in tune with basic life cycles, dreams, fatigue, illness, bedrest, taking care of yourself.


FINDING YOURSELF, GO WITHIN, EMBRACE YOUR SHADOW SELF, primal worship, basic shelter, protection, isolation, facing yourself, guard, hiding out, refuge, recluse, disconnected from society, ancient, embrace the organic, heal childhood wounds, damp, airless, dark, DIVING INTO THE SUBCONSCIOUS.


ROUNDABOUT WAY OF ACCOMPLISHING GOALS, MUCH NEEDED EXPERIENCE, NOT KNOWING WHAT TO MAKE OF THINGS OR WHERE THEY ARE GOING, PUTTING ON A SHOW, CHARADE, HONESTLY A SHIT SHOW, the coming together of many divine parts, a call to shift, show off, a call to find yourself, your specialty, facade, synchronicity, chaos, disorder, a lot going on at once, color, whimsy, divine orchestration, randomness, grotesque, YOU ARE THE RINGMASTER, hectic, strange, twisted, A CALL TO EMBRACE WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU, show, stage, superficiality, entertainment, rare beauty, ULTIMATE DETACHMENT.


PLAY, A CALL TO SOCIALIZATION, groups of people, dance, celebration, mass movement, fun, social hierarchy, cliches, examine what's actually "cool," social pressure, inclusion, human connection.


MOVING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME, STRUGGLE IN THE JOURNEY, LACK & LIMITATION, barren, vast, aimless, ABANDONED, HARSH, dry, dusty, lifeless, EXPOSED, unforgiving, alone, guarded, ceremonious, THE SOLO JOURNEY WHERE ONE MUST FIND THEIR WAY, dragging yourself through, ignorance, potentially magical, spacious, life-altering, EXTREMES: cold at night, hot during the day, flash floods, no shelter.


MASSIVE RELEASE, LETTING GO OF WORRY, getting rid of old ways that no longer serve you, self-empowered change, dump, complete garbage, time to move on, epic purge, THROW IT OUT!


UNKNOWN, pathless, wandering, finding your way, MAJOR GROWTH, fertile, dense, having lots of resources at your disposal, protected, a call to embrace the uncertain path.

Gold Mine

MAJOR ABUNDANCE, realizing deep desires, striking your gold, finding your self-worth.


BURIED PAST, PARTS OF YOURSELF THAT ARE BURIED SELF, putting things to rest, an end, finality, what haunts you, making peace, tribute, ritual, paying your respects to something, visiting the past, ancestry, history.


ABSOLUTE PEACE, FIFTH DIMENSION CONNECTION, clarity, expansiveness, engulfed in light, miracles, support, weightlessness, FREEDOM, goal, destiny, living for your best self, impeccability, reverence, joy, devotion, invisibility, guidance.


MOVING THROUGH THE DARK, UNCOVERING WHAT WAS BURIED, trauma pit, blindness, JUMPING INTO THE UNKOWN, getting caught, trip, rabbit hole, hole-in-one, portal, missing pieces, black hole, damage, corrosion, DIVINE VOID.


YOUR HEART'S DESIRE, SECURITY, STABILITY, PROTECTION, heart's center, shelter, what you want most in life, peace, your soul's purpose, creative projects at their completion, starting point, end point, the hero's journey.

Hot Springs

SELF-CARE, ALLOW IN NEW HEAT, PASSION, POWERFUL, NATURAL SOURCE, SLOW RELEASE OF EMOTIONS UNDER THE SURFACE, things are bubbling, bathing, taking time for yourself, medicinal, sacred, fresh, wonderful, earth's natural gifts, stewing, HOT, boiling, scalding, steam, death zone, new beginnings, preservation, LET NEW ENERGY HEAL YOU.

House Under Construction

THE THINGS YOU ARE BUILDING/WORKING ON, FINDING THE FUNDAMENTALS, creative projects, dreams, ambitions, confusion in the creative process, looking for answers, the divine design of your life, opening up your heart, searching for stability, securing a stable position, setting your foundation, getting comfortable with the building process.


MASS DESTRUCTION, the part of the creative process where you just need to clear the way, PASSION, HEAT, a violent end, goddess of destruction, major demons, the plight of the warrior, vengeance, standing up for your morals.


YOUR OWN OASIS, PARADISE, confined, isolated, loneliness, vacation, enjoyment, LIVING BY YOUR OWN DEFINITIONS, remote, joyous, untouched, private, getting away, escape, period of isolation due to trauma, a call to heal, fantasy.

Jail Cell

CONFINEMENT, container, trapping yourself, a call to observe what is keeping (parts of) you locked away, separate, punishment, protection, guard, fear, secrecy.


NOT A STRAIGHT PATH, TO GET ANYWHERE YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL THROUGH UNCHARTERED TERRITORY, collecting data, putting the puzzle pieces together, making sense of the journey, problem-solving, FINDING YOU WAY, FEELING TRAPPED, confusion, lost, obsessed with finding the end point, doubt, struggle, getting there.


INNER PEACE, CLEARING, celebration, ease, BLOSSOMING, breezy, your happy place, one with nature, care, freedom, support.


SOFT FORCE, BEING IN SYNC, feminine spirit, gravitational pull, delicate forces guiding you, quiet, calm, omnipresent, sacred, synchronicity, consulting something, schedules, tides, dark and light.


TAKING THINGS TO NEW HEIGHTS, EPIC JOURNEY, STRENUOUS, climbing, new perspectives, sacred site, monumental, the “peaks and valleys of life,” there are still things to conquer, overcoming obstacles, the next goal, BEING STILL, POWERFUL.


FLUCTUATING, CREATIVE POWER, CHANGING TIDES, comfort, allow yourself to drift, navigating your emotions, waves carrying you back to shore, vast, immense, powerful, spacious, deep, the subconscious, cleanse, rich, full of life, contemplation, meditative, embodiment, engulfed, journey.

Open Road

JOURNEY AHEAD, THINGS ARE GOING SMOOTHLY, moving towards your destiny, being open to new opportunities, a positive outlook, moving on, moving forward, cruising, joy, fearlessness, bold, grabbing life by the horns.


SUPPORT, SACRED LAUNCHING PAD, HITTING A FLAT LINE IN YOUR JOURNEY, conquered throne, getting stuck, settling down, no longer striving to achieve things, ancient, full of breath, opening to new vistas, realizing you aren't climbing what you thought you were, a hard journey at first then the path is full of ease and effortlessness, a breather in the creative process, CLOSING A LIFE CYCLE, END TO ACCOMPLISHMENT, ENJOY THE VIEW.


MAGIC, BLISS, CELEBRATION, your fantasy land, surreal, divine serendipity, unity, faith, omens, the right circumstances coming together to manifest something.


REBIRTH, intensity, overcoming a near impossible obstacle, reinventing yourself, complete surrender, grace, light-filled.


LIFE FLOWING, LIFE IS TEMPORARY, positivity, flow, grace, wisdom, listening to what is around you, blessings, crossing something, moving on, connection, healthy energy status.

Sunken Ship

SAY GOODBYE, LET IT GO, WRECKAGE, A FINAL END TO THE PAST, TOWER (CRASH) MOMENT, time to dive in, embrace failure, complete shift in reality, untreated trauma, struggling to ascend, overcome by emotions, catastrophe, the past buried, moving on, loss, diving to new depths, a new ecosystem growing in past failure, lost treasures deep within you, fear, the subconscious, exploring buried emotions.


STUCK, IN THE THICK OF THINGS, muddy, being watched but can't see who, worried about what other people think, predatory, jumping in the muddiness of life, getting down and dirty, the ticks within the nature of finding your way.

The Universe

POWERFUL, EPIC, YOUR LIFE CALLING, vast, spacious, echo, empty, immense, cyclic, allowing things to unfold over time, in tune with “the seasons of life,” tremendous healing effects, both inside and outside of us all, UNITY, DIVINITY.

The World

global connection, worldly, big, vast, immense, dense, what connects us all, unity, freedom, MOTHER.


UPHEVAL, vortex, immense change, violent force, sudden, chaotic, scary, overwhelming.


FOCUSED, STRAIGHT PATH, PASSAGE, in transition, see the light on the other side, tunnel vision, move forward, dark but you know how to move through it, yonic, gateway, pulling you through to the other side.


ABUNDANCE, flow, cleanse, rush, revitalization, movement, renewal, constant change, invigorating, high power, force, immense, wondrous.


GESTATION, NEW BEGINNINGS, nourishment, protection, connection to divine feminine, NEW BEGINNINGS, softness, youth, forming, patience, can't rush development.

Wrestling Ring

DUKE IT OUT, GET IN AND FIGHT, SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, charade, show-off, find your inner strength, rumble, confrontation, face your opponent.